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Paver Driveways   Scrubtown Brick Paving is unrivaled in its experience and knowledge as an elite paver driveway installer, dominating both traditional sand set and permeable applications. Our time saving methods and techniques allow Scrubtown to be cost competitive with concrete contractors on driveway installations, often at a lower cost than stamped concrete--without the potential for unsightly heaving and cracking.


The engineering built into Interlocking Concrete Pavement (ICP) and Permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) ensures a proven, enduring performance exceeding that of asphalt and concrete pavements. Concrete pavers have a strength of up 12,000 pounds per square inch.


Permeable paver driveways are a proven sustainable paving alternative and add a significant, lasting environmental contribution to both new construction and remodeling projects. Permeable pavement is part of a worldwide effort to reverse the negative effects of urbanization and protect what is left of our natural environment. Municipalities and Watersheds across the country have even initiated incentive programs for home and business owners to encourage permeable pavements as a proven stormwater management solution.

PICP is stronger than porous concrete and pervious asphalt with a greater infiltration rate while still offering all the standard advantages of interlocking concrete pavement. Permeable pavement is not considered to be hardcover by the MN DOT or the City of Minneapolis or St. Paul and is therefore a beautiful option for homeowners hoping to make additions to their indoor and outdoor living spaces.

These long-term environmental and structural advantages of paver pavements make them a great investment. 

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